Richards sisters….child stars….*eye roll*  I mean, congrats you used to work hard, but it’s because you were born into the right family with the right connections to get you on screen.  

Brandi trying to act is hilarious.  

Kyle the sales lady…..who is told by the one training her for QVC or HSN or whatever it was to put deodorant on her lip.  ROFL.  

Date night and pet names montage…’s actually pretty cute.  

Lisa and Ken montage with puppies, yard swings, etc… damn cute.  

Yolanda becoming a citizen.  I’m still shocked that she hadn’t been one already.  

Everyone gets asked about their plastic surgery and fillers… expected, there’s more than any other cast.  

Brandi let Yolanda decorate her whole house.  Have you no style?  Or are you just too lazy to pick things out yourself?

Lisa became an ordained minister to perform weddings at her restaurants/bars.  Am I the only one who wants her to officiate my wedding?

alreadysaidtoomuch replied to your post “Real Housewives of Atlanta - 4/6/14”

I felt bad for Kenya tbh

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong.  I have lost pets (i had 2 cats since I was 3….I used to say I had those cats longer than a little brother….it was devastating to lose them).  I know exactly how terrible it is to lose a pet, especially when you have no kids or anyone else…..I just felt like her tears seemed fake.  Perhaps it’s too much botox….but her face didn’t seem like it matched the emotion I expected….


  • I Dream of Nene
  • The Real Housewives of Miami

In Bravo’s official announcement for new and returning shows, RHOM was not included - meaning that the show very well could have been canned. Also, Don’t Be Tardy was renewed, and Kandi got her own wedding spin-off.

But looks like the rumors that Nene will be getting her own spin-off outside of her wedding just may be false, as well as the rumors that RHOM will be shooting soon (unless they announce it at a later time).

Also returning on Bravo include Below Deck, Newlyweds: The First Year, Blood Sweat & Heels, Shahs of Sunset, & Vanderpump Rules.

Glad Below Deck got renewed…I liked that one. Going to be sad if Miami doesn’t get renewed….I grew up in South Florida and have always had a special place in my heart for that franchise.

rinda-rinda replied to your post “Real Housewives of Melbourne - 4/6/14”

I finally saw episode one and I love it! The US HW have started to really bore me TBH

I can say I’m sick of some storylines, but I’ve been watching since the beginning so I’m not really completely bored with any location.  

You should be able to download all the episodes.  

n-o-t-e-b-o-o-k answered to your post “Real Housewives of New York City - 4/1/14”

Heather didn’t threaten Aviva. Aviva is a little nutso


Jackie and Lydia shopping….

"Lydia looked like a Grecian goddess, and I looked like a stick with big tits" -Jackie.  DYING.

Andrea had her babies “surgically removed” and I’m dying at how grossed out her daughter is over this.  Would you rather hear about how she “pushed you out”??  

Taking a helicopter to a resort….Gina is late again….

Where is this resort?  I really want to go there.  So lovely.  

(Side note: The vacations on the Melbourne franchise are hilarious since they never leave the country, LMAO)

Gina called Lydia and Andrea “cunts” and made fun of Lydia’s book or vagina or both….

These girls are by the pool with their cover-ups and heels on.  Are you not worried about weird tan lines?  Bathing suits only when tanning!!!!!!

Janet’s son had 70% of his body burned in a fire!??!!!  Yet she’s handling it quite well.  She’s incredibly strong.  

Chyka’s opal earrings.  Crap…they’ve got to be a billion carats….

Lydia is trying to give Gina advice politely, but Gina refuses to hear it. Gina is blaming it on work and everything else but this is the only housewives franchise where they all work, so I have a hard time believing that she’s the only one who is too busy to be nice to the rest of the ladies.  

First impressions conversation seems like some fake compliments to me…

Janet confronts Gina….Gina apologizes…..but when Lydia confronts her about the book comment, Gina refuses to admit she was being mean.

Andrea finally commented on how rude it was to wear stilettos on the tennis court and leave makeup all over the bathroom.  

Gina sent an email that the women were no longer allowed to “defame her partner’s character” which seems ridiculous to me.  I found an article (Click here) that said she threatened to sue and was very rude, but then apparently Gina claimed it was only sent to production and all the girls were “cc’d” so who knows what’s really going on…..

All I know is when Gina left early, the girls all seemed to get along famously and the show is much more fun that way…..

Does anyone remember season one of RHOOC when the only drama was Jo drinking too much to mother Slade’s children and Jeanna’s kids beating each other up???

Porsha admits wanting to skip rehearsal….

Then tells Kandi to check her team when Porsha’s “team” can’t open email attachments?  wow…..Get your shit together, girl….

Nene and her manager…..this whole conversation is rejected offers and  ”Coach Roz still has some life left in her” 

Also, she’s doing a clothing line but doesn’t like really anything they’ve got so far….

Peter and Cynthia are worrying about money again.  She says she doesn’t want to buy because she doesn’t have the money to buy, but I have to wonder if she realizes that renting/leasing is basically flushing money down the toilet and not building equity….

Kenya’s crying seems so fake.  I feel terrible that she lost her dog while she is clearly very lonely (the desperation to procreate with or without a man makes me feel like she’s very lonely and sad lately).  Her dog was all she had but for some reason these tears just don’t even seem real.  How is this possible??

Kandi and Mama Joyce go to counseling and Todd just wants Joyce to love him someday….

Kenya only invited Kandi and Cynthia to the memorial.  That’s shady.  Invite everyone.  No matter your beef with them, I feel like they’d all support her in this time, but the refusal to invite them seems super shady to me.  

Am I the only one who felt this way about Kenya this week?  Am I crazy??

Sonja’s burlesque practice is ridiculous.  I’m speechless.  

No hot water in her house?  Perhaps this is why she has unpaid interns and not an actual assistant….

Surfing with Carole, Kristen, and Heather.  

Sonja sold 500 tickets and is usually 100% improv?  But she’s rehearsing this time and it’s…..interesting….

She cancels the backup dancers at the last minute….

Aviva tells LuAnn that Carole went off on her for nothing….does Aviva not remember asking Carole if she actually wrote her book??

Who the hell is this Amanda chick?  She is rude to Sonja at her event, but up her ass trying to be all friendly at LuAnn’s BBQ…..

Carole and LuAnn talk their shit out and squash it.  Classy.  The Princess and the countess getting along again.  

Aviva keeps saying Heather threatened her, but “You don’t fuck with someone’s career, be careful” is not a threat so much as a “you know what you’re doing is wrong, tread lightly”

Do you think Heather threatened Aviva?  Am I missing something?

n-o-t-e-b-o-o-k replied to your post: n-o-t-e-b-o-o-k replied to your post “…

yeah I don’t strongly dislike anyone either, Lydia has probably annoyed me the most… or Andrea. but the show is so much fun!

Lydia reminds me of Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones.  Hot cars, hot man, and not scared to talk about her sexuality.  I like her.  Andrea does seem to be a bit of a shit starter….

Loving the show!  About to watch Last night’s episode and catch up on some recapping now!  :)