Lost footage.  

Bali montage.  Cute.  

Heather hired a gorgeous painter so they can sit around and drink wine and watch him.  ”Did you really think I was going to paint??!?!”  Heather is too fabulous for this DIY shit.  LMAO.  This is why I love her.  

They burn their pizzas watching “Zack” the painter.  

Shannon calls her feng shui lady to help her and David. 

Vicki oddly likes new girl, Shannon, and not surprisingly doesn’t get along with pageant queen Lizzie right away.  

Kids montage. 

Wow.  Lizzie’s family is INSANELY rich.  Adopt me?  I’m already adopted, can’t be hard to transfer the paperwork, right??

Brooks still acting like what he said to Brianna’s husband is ok. 

Brooks thinks he’s getting a stake in Vicki’s house after paying rent.  LMAO.  OK!  Let me know how that works out for you, buddy.  Vicki’s too smart for your shit.  

Heather and Terry celebrate the anniversary of their first date and it’s adorable.  

Frogs in the roof over the fancy dinner in Bali.  Hilarious.  Although if I was there, I’d probably freak out, too.  

Milania bites into an onion.  

Amber calls Teresa to discuss Teresa’s personal business and starts crying.  

Even Gia thinks Amber is crazy and does not know Teresa well enough to be crying.  

Jim has to explain plea deals to Amber.  She’s so clueless sometimes.  I really wanted to like them in the beginning, but….ugh….

Gia and Teresa cry together after Melissa calls to make sure today’s news wasn’t true.  Ugh.  Full stop, Melissa.  You don’t ask your sister if it’s true.  You would know if it was.  

Amber and Jim discuss Bobby.  

Dina, Melissa, and Teresa shovel snow.

The twins shovel snow for their mother. 

Amber is texting Bobby…?  I don’t know what she intends to accomplish. 

Dina has everyone over to her house to plan a Ladybug event. 

Everyone is babbling and no one is letting Dina talk about her own event.  

Amber pulls Teresa aside at the Ladybug event to discuss what Victoria Gotti said about Rino/Teressa/Santa

Everyone is jealous of Dina’s closet. 

Joe and Teresa plead guilty. 

Rino coaches Teressa on how to speak to the Giudices. 

Everyone is concerned for the Giudices and wants to be there for them. 

Does anyone know the latest in the case?  I know it got postponed again…but why?  How come they keep getting their sentencing postponed?

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*points across the table* did you go to bass lake?
realhousewivesheaven realhousewivesheaven Said:





true housewives stans get this reference


Does anybody watch those real house wives shows? I am doing an essay and I used it as an example but I don’t really watch those shows. Can some one talk to me about it so I make sure I have the right concepts of the shows and what goes on

I watch all of them and have since the beginning. What can I help you with?

Almost to the first 1,000 followers!  


hopelesssummer replied to your post “Real Housewives of Orange County - 8/25/14”

Ugh totally. Kinda one of the worst seasons. I think they need an all new cast.

I don’t know about AAALLLL new.  But I’m definitely sick of Tamra, Vicki is getting boring.  Although it would be a shame to lose the only Original cast member.  I don’t love or hate Shannon or Lizzie, they could  both leave and I wouldn’t care.  But I love Heather.  I’d like to see her with her classy friends drinking champs and playing silly games at their fancy parties.  I want the worst drama to be Vicki “leaking” on Heather’s friend’s fancy couch or something.  I want it to be more like seasons 1-2 with rich ladies being rich ladies.  I’m so sick of this trashy angry drama-filled crap.  

Shannon is crazy.  As usual. 

Vicki loves her, though.  Odd, since she usually hates the newbies.

Lizzie and Tamra don’t get along because Lizzie called Tamra “fake.”  

I don’t feel like Tamra’s apology is real.  

Astro, Eddie, Tamra, and baby talk.  

Simon wants the kids more.  Because 50/50 is a problem, apparently.   As much as Tamra’s trashy ass annoys me, I felt like she was a good mom.  I don’t see why Simon thinks he’s so much better than her….

Shannon and David are doing much better. 

Heather is smart and I love her, but everyone hates how she makes them feel stupid.  Perhaps try not being stupid?  idk…just a thought….

Tamra is being told she’s a bad person….everyone is so done with her shit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this was her last season. 

Vicki v. Tamra again. 

"I’m sorry that you don’t have any feelings and you’re a bitter old lady.  I’m sorry."   -Lizzie to Tamra

They argue a lot and no one can move on at all from any of this.  So messy.  

Camping sucks, everyone is cold.  

Now they’re digging for worms to go fishing. 

Shaun is actually scared of water.  

No one caught anything during the fishing expedition.  

Kim knows the girls got their phones somehow.  

Who plays truth or dare with their kids?  This is weird to me. 

Brielle swears she didn’t hit the rover with the escalade.  

Kim swears she doesn’t miss her mom. 

The girls tell her they do.  

Kroy is mad at his parents, too.  Apparently they don’t like Kim. 

Heather is debuting a new ‘do for the reunion.  

Lizzie dated Nick Lachey….pre- and post-Jessica Simpson.

Vicki says Andy is all boy and doesn’t seem gay to her.  Because there are no gay men that are all man?  

Tamra is mean to Lizzie

Tamra and Vicki are losing their kids. 

Ryan’s wedding is postponed because the girl is pregnant…..

Vicki doesn’t know what Andy meant by “address Oklahoma”  LMAO.

Beador v. Dubrow.  Again. 

Both sides feel like Tamra started this shit. 

Brianna v. Brooks again.  

The husbands come out and it’s more Shannon and Heather v. Tamra.  

David v. Terry.  

Tamra admits she thinks David is hot.  Trashy. 

Am I the only one supremely bored with this reunion?

Camping shower and female urinals arrive and Kim begins to freak out about this camping trip.  

Kim is getting peels and botox and Kroy and Shaun are scared but she makes them do it anyway.  

The girls are as mad as Kim about going camping.  

Shaun brings clothes over for Kim to go camping in….they’re camouflage and definitely hunting clothes…rofl

Lana is going to war….Sweetie is staying behind with the kids.  

Everyone is chilling and bullshitting while Kroy takes like 50 loads of shit to the car.  

 3 car caravan…..to go camping. 

Lana’s walkie talkie is out of range and no one can talk to her while they drive. 

They arrive and assemble the tent…..inside out….