Kim states that there are now 4 children under two and a half….that’s just fucking crazy.  

"I mean I know the twins were buy one, get one free" -Kim. 

DYING.  I miss when Kim was funny.  Before she was a mess. She’s getting back there now, and I live for it.  

Kim and Kroy explain to Brielle that she can’t drive anything but the Honda because she’s wrecked like 4 cars and this one is the only one she hasn’t wrecked.  

Also-it’s a pretty nice fucking Honda.  Why the hell is she mad?

KJ broke his  leg playing with Kash.  And it’s pretty bad.  I feel terrible.  Kid is in excruciating pain and you can see it in his sad face.  

Kroy and KJ are both waiting on their legs to heal.  

Sweetie is not a chef and Kim wants to hire one.  

Sweetie hires a pool boy…

And a housekeeper….

without telling anyone that she hired them or when they were coming by……wth?  I’d be super pissed if I was Kim and Kroy and there’s 2 random ass people in my house.  

LuAnn left with Harry?

Sonja got hurt chasing the cab they got in together.  

Why the hell does Sonja have such a large team?  What does she really need all these people for?  

LuAnn tells Sonja she just danced with Harry.  No one is buying your shit, LuMann, we all know you’re a whore.  

Heather got a second opinion about her son’s ears before giving him the surgery.  The second doctor said the surgery isn’t necessary and Jax said his ears are fine.  Surgery cancelled.  

Kristen models for Josh.  

And is required to fake an orgasm for the perfect shot.  

Sonja asks Harry about what happened when he left with LuMann.  

He claims Heather told him to go with LuMann since everyone was drinking.  

Carole’s book is now available in hardcover.  

LuMann says Team Sonja is quite bizarre.  I’m not sure that word is strong enough to describe Team Sonja.  

Sonja gives a long speech to her team about how perfect and necessary they are.  

Aviva thinks everyone is avoiding her because they’re trying not to catch asthma.  

They girls just keep calling her out for how crazy she’s been acting.  

She GOES THE FUCK OFF.  Pulling Xrays out of her purse and showing them to the crowd and eventually slamming her leg on the table before throwing it.  

Did she throw  it at Heather?  Wtf is going on?  I can’t wait to hear about this and see more of this scene during the reunion/lost footage.  

This is crazy and I’m obsessed!

Shannon still thinks she didn’t yell at Heather.  Girl, bye.  All you do is yell.  Especially at Heather. 

Heather thinks Shannon is having a psychotic break and wants to call an ambulance for her.  Not sure an ambulance can help a mental breakdown.  

Shannon actually said getting upset wasn’t her usual demeanor…, no one is buying that bullshit.  You’re psycho. 

Fireball shots?  I know some 18 year olds that like that shit, but no actual adults I know drink fireball….gross. 

Heather, Danielle, and Tamra talk about Shannon at lunch and are scared to take her out of town.  She goes psycho over nothing and that’s not fun on vacation.  

Brooks and Vicki try to figure out the source of the drama. 

Why are Vicki and Brooks so sane this season?  He still seems super fake and weird to me.  

Tamra just broke down crying because Ryan is moving in with a female…??  Wth, Tamra?  He never lived with a chick before?  

Oh shit….he met her on instagram….and has known her a few months…..and she has 3 kids…..and both her parents passed away……

Maybe some combination of all that emotional baggage and Tamra’s empty nest syndrome while being on the verge of menopause is what made her cry…..this is a lot for me to take in and he’s not my son.  

Ryan just gave his 2 weeks notice at Cut.  

Brianna and Vicki are in therapy.  Vicki still won’t cut the cord and let Brianna be the intelligent, level-headed adult Vicki raised her to be.  

Tamra meets Ryan’s almost wife.  There’s a ring, a venue, and a date…..and Tamra was only recently told he was moving with this girl.  Nothing about being engaged.  

Tamra breaks down crying again….

What do you guys think - Is this girl too good for Ryan or are they perfect?

Teresa Giudice: You never know how strong you are until it’s the only choice you have.  
Melissa Gorga: I’ve learned to forgive, and NEVER regret.  
Twins: You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing trouble.  
Amber Marchese: I’m a survivor, no one is bringing me down. 
Dina Manzo: I’m back to bring the zen.  Namaste, bitches.  

Christmas with the Giudices.  

Melissa and Joe are in a rental while they build a new house.  

Decorating trees with the twins and their entire family.  

Amber is a control freak.  She’s makes her kids do fucking fire drills.  Like the ones in school are insufficient somehow.  

Dina and Nicole bond over divorce.  Then they talk shit about Amber being anal.  

Lexi is going to college soon, and Dina is already lonely.  She hasn’t even left yet.  

Teresa won’t talk to her brother about the legal shit.  This upsets her brother.  He tries to help and be there for her but she  won’t talk to  him about it at all.  

Teressa and her husband (Rino) are opening up a new restaurant.  Their son, Giovanni, wants to go into the family business.  Teressa is proud.  It’s an adorable family moment. 

"Cousins’ holiday dinner" with Teresa, Melissa, their husbands, Kathy and Richie, and of course Rosie.  There are gag gifts.  It’s pretty funny.  Teresa gets a dictionary and I died laughing. 

Nicole has been living with her parents since the divorce….and plans to until she gets remarried.  This is insane to me.  I guess Sal & Santa are cooler than my parents.  

Nicole’s boyfriend buys her a drug store wine bottle holder.  It’s a stiletto….and really cheesy.  

The Gorgas go sledding and both Joe and Melissa lick a pole and get their tongues stuck.  No, not at the same time.  Joe watched Melissa do it, then did it himself like a dumbass.  

Who is your favorite of the new girls so far?  

This new house is incredible.  If Kim really designed it all, I want her to do my house.  She has similar taste to mine and no budget.  This is crazy.  OMFG the kitchen.  GIVE ME!!!!

Security.  Almost 60 cameras and a gate and Kim and Kroy can watch the cameras from their iPhones.  Could you imagine Brielle trying to sneak out with all this security?  LMAO

Kim already has 2 girls, 2 boys, and now is having a set of twins.  


The baby is breached (coming out the birth canal feet first) and yet she refuses to have a cesarean.  Kroy thinks it’s unnatural.  I would rather them cut a baby out of me than have my vagina sewed together.    These people are some kind of psychos.  I can’t even.  

They lose the heartbeat on one of the babies for a mintue

Both babies are perfectly healthy. 

OMFG KIM IS EATING THE PLACENTA!!!!  GROOOOOSSSSSSSSS.    Who does this shit?  So nasty.  At least it’s just a fruit smoothie, but still…..eew.

She made Kroy eat it, too.  This is not okay.  I’m trying not to puke and I’m not being forced to eat afterbirth. 

This house is insane.  All these people in one place…I can’t even.

Kroy asked the girls to watch the food.  

Dinner is ruined because obviously they both told the other to take care of it and neither of them did shit about the food.

Masks for the crew so  they don’t breathe their germs on the twins.  

Kim wants Kroy to get a vasectomy and he tries to refuse.  Thinks she should get her tubes tied.  Ugh.  Someone needs to do something, they do NOT need any more babies.  

Heather is helping Carole plan her birthday party.

Sonja and Harry got a dog.  

Kristen and Josh go to therapy.   We all know they’ve needed it, but does anyone see a real breakthrough coming?  

All she wants is communication but he’s so busy that he just needs her to help get shit done. 

Aviva has an emotional moment with a Boston Marathon amputee.  This is actually really sad and I have nothing negative to say about Aviva in this moment.  

Avery is finally leaving for college and Ramona is freaking out.  Shocker.  It’s kind of funny.

Sonja’s psychic told her she has a “brunette devil” in her inner circle.  Now she’s flipping her shit trying to figure out who it is while becoming closer to Aviva.  Yeah, that’s a great idea.  

Carole’s party is ridiculous.  

LuAnn and Jacques are “taking a break” also known as “we’re pretty much over, but I’m not ready to admit that yet.’  Basically he got sick of being cheated on on camera so he’s done with her shit.  She got caught and wouldn’t admit shit so he left. 

Harry gave Sonja and promise ring….then he left the party and Sonja couldn’t find him.  

Come to find out he hopped in a cab with LuMann.  

What do you guys think of Harry?  Perfect for Sonja or the Slade of the NYC cast??


n-o-t-e-b-o-o-k answered to your post “Real Housewives of Orange County - 7/14/14”

Team Shannon. Also Tamra was being so shrill and grabbing Shannon was so aggressive

Yeah it really seems like Tamra orchestrated all of this drama to keep the focus off her this season….

But I really think Shannon is nuts and have a hard time understanding her side and why she can’t speak without yelling.  

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My fave tagline from this season #RHONJ


Asker Anonymous Asks:
so i watch real housewives of orange county, new jersey and atlanta... I need one more show to complete my life, which one (and only one) would you suggest??? ps. i already tried new york and didnt enjoy it much. thanks! :) xxx
realhousewivesheaven realhousewivesheaven Said:

New York’s finale is tonight and that means something new will be starting after the reunion.  If it’s Below Deck, I recommend that 100000%.  I also love anything with Jeff Lewis.  Million Dollar Listing is great, too (NYC, LA, and Miami-the one that’s on now-they’re all amazing).  

If you want something that’s housewives, Don’t be Tardy just started a new season and Kim gave birth to twins and her daughters are almost grown-ups now so it’s pretty funny.  Not my fave housewives spinoff, but it’s on right now.