I don’t know who Lydia’s friend Lisa is, but there is more Gina bashing when Lydia and Lisa hang out.  

Andrea thinks blogging is below her.  Honey, she is telling you how to build a fan base so that people won’t say “you’re a great businesswoman but an absent mother,” and will actually be interesting in your parenting book.   Right now you only have guaranteed sales to your friends and family, if you have a fanbase who likes your writing, they will buy your book.  It’s called marketing, silly.  

Jackie and Ben’s launch date is unrealistic and they refuse to believe it.  

Lydia and Andrea….more Gina bashing…..shocker.  

Gina was uninvited to Andrea’s Liberty Bell launch.  

They can’t possibly be this mad that she called them “cunts”????

Lingerie shopping with Lydia and Jackie….Madonna’s pointy bras are back in?  Riiiiiiight….

Date night with Jackie and Ben….I don’t really like or hate them.  They kinda bore me, but they’re an adorable couple.  

Now Gina *IS* coming to Chyka’s event at Lumiere?  

Gina’s stylish friend (not her stylist, she used to be in fashion and doesn’t need one of those….she’s amazing, or at least that’s what she claims) comes over to help her get ready and she claims she was “attacked by morons” LMAO.  If everyone hates you, YOU might be the problem.   

She shows up at the event and all hell breaks loose…obviously.  

Does anyone actually like Gina?  I really wanted to because she’s basically had 2 successful careers already, one in fashion and now her legal career (so she’s already worked more than most “real housewives” ever will), but she’s just so disrespectful.  She refuses to admit fault in anything and thus won’t apologize.  What do you  guys think of Gina?

Kandi and Todd discuss slow ticket sales….

Phaedra and Willie discuss their crematorium.  *shudder*  I admire her drive and ambition with all her different businesses, but being around all that death would creep me out.  It takes a special kind of person to be able to help people through the hardest thing in the world 24/7 and I will forever respect every fucking person in that industry (except the asshole that said my sister-in-law’s name wrong and lost her CD that was playing before the service.

Porsha over here claiming the divorce battle is over because she woke up one day and “decided” she didn’t need Kordell’s money.   LMAO  More like  her lawyer told her if she keeps fighting, she’s going to have to pay him more for his time and she realized she can’t afford any more legal fees so she gave up.  

Cynthia goes all out trying to be sexy and Peter laughs at her.  She’s offended but I don’t think he was laughing at her, just the role she was trying to play.  He thinks she’s sexy without all that and her trying to do that is just comical.  

Porsha thinks this lady’s last minute directions for opening night are some sort of peace offering.  No, dummy…she’s telling you to get it together and act professional because it’s opening night and she can’t afford for you to fuck up right now.  

Sold out opening night….shocker….

Tyler Perry is there as well as every celebrity you can think of that lives in Atlanta….

The play was good and Mama Joyce pretends to be nice….she basically gives Kandi her blessing to marry Todd, but I don’t know if I’m buying her shit.  I think she’s going to be a mess at the wedding.  

Ok, so Nene was on Watch What Happens: Live, and it was a whole one-on-one with her and Andy….and a clip on their youtube channel of her in his seat, interviewing him…..pretty good stuff.  

Anyway, so Nene spills that tea on WWHL.  

She said Kenya was trying Porsha and the scepter was provoking her.  

She also reminds us that Kenya grabbed her ear earlier this season in an effort to provoke her….

Nene GOES IN on Marlo and Kenya and their friendship….

To sum it all up, she ends with basically saying that Kenya is good for the show and no matter how much they may not get along, she brings ratings…..and Cynthia is boring and brings nothing to the show.  

Did you watch Nene’s one-on-one?  What did you think?

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you hate Heather? I think she’s fabulous

The whole “holla” thing annoys me so much I can’t like her.   I feel like she’s trying way too hard to be cool.  I won’t lie though, She is making me want to like her this season……


wendy williams said porsha needs to be fired to send a message to all the other franchises to not fight even though there have already been physical altercations in almost every housewife franchise…..

There wasn’t anything on DC or Vancuver that I know of, but OC has had some wine throwing, Miami had a slap or two, Atlanta had wig pulling and threats long before this, NJ has had TONS of scrapping between the Gorga/Giudice clan, and I can’t think of anything physical from NYC, but I’m sure there was SOMETHING over the years.   Like this whole thing is ridiculous.  I really don’t like Porsha, but I don’t think she should get fired, either….Kenya DEFINITELY provoked her and probably studied “how to make people angry and get them to hit you first” or some shit to prepare for this…..this is exactly what she wanted.  She said “get fired” like they even subtitled it so we didn’t miss it.  

(Sorry I suck and am way behind on recaps, so here’s 2 weeks worth of BookGate2014)

Heather is 10,000% done with Amanda…….and Aviva

Sonja is Team Aviva and her fucking tooth fell out.  She has the balls to own it and Countess Condescending has to say some shit about it.  *eye roll*

Aviva is acting like she’s never heard the f-bomb.  ROFL. Girl, bye.  

Mermaid costumes….

Aviva gets an email from her friend who she hasn’t spoken to in 35 years.  Hmm…now that she’s on TV this chick wants to tell her how she thinks about her every day and has always felt terrible about what happened….riiiiggghhhhtt.  I’m going with Becky wants some TV time herself.  (Or she’s sick of Aviva acting like this ruined her life when Aviva is a very rich, non-working NYC housewife and Becky still lives in the farm where the accident happened 35 years ago)

Sonja has a Miami/St Tropez closet??  It actually makes total sense.  There is a totally different attire in tropical places than the rest of the world.  Humidity is a beast.   

Now LuAnn and Kristen can’t find the right float?  We’re float hopping….awesome.  Wait….why did you ever leave the queens to go with the cheerleaders anyway??  Obviously the queens’ float was better. 

Queen Karen of the mermaid parade…??  Ugh, poor Carole. 

Heather uninvited Aviva.  Oh crap….doesn’t she know this is a terrible idea?  You’re better off having security not let her in than actually uninviting her.  

Ramona just got back from Africa and just wants everyone to get along.  Seriously?  LMAO. 

Heather is trying to explain why Aviva’s words are so offensive and Aviva just doesn’t get why anything she did was wrong….

Shocker….Carole and Kristen are friends with Housewives from another franchise…..guess who??!?  

First off this is our first ever franchise crossover.  Different cities have done WWHL together, but never on another location’s show.  

Carole is friends with Yolanda and Kristen knows Brandi from her modeling days.  Shocker.   

Brandi tells a story of Kristen’s trashtastic Elvis themed bachelorette party.  

Aviva is momentarily  re-invited, then un-invited AGAIN….what the hell is even going on here?

Ramona refuses to show up to the anniversary party after RSVPing “Yes” because Aviva isn’t allowed to go.  I really don’t get why Ramona and Sonja don’t see how terrible Aviva is being.  I hate Heather as much as the next girl, but Aviva is dead ass wrong and Carole seems to have moved on and just be ignoring the situation now, but Heather has a valid point.   

Heather and her husband are adorable.  

I’m not sure why Heather is so into this argument for Carole when she seems to have given up, but I’m interested to know what you guys think about all this.  What team are you on?  What are they even arguing about anymore?


Also, if Porsha gets fired for the “fight” then Teresa needs to be fired for pushing Andy, Mariah & Toya need to be fired for the all out brawl by the pool on Married to Medicine, the Gorgas & Giudices need to be booted for their christening and therapy fights, Adriana needs to be fired for hitting Joanna, and Tamra needs to be fired for throwing wine in Jeana’s face. Smdh - I don’t see why Porsha’s PROVOKED hair pull was so different from the rest of these people…

As much as I hate Porsha, this is a valid fucking point..

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Lindsay Lohan’s Housewives Tagline!

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Not sure if you watch RHOC or not but do you know why Gretchen & Alexis aren't on anymore?
realhousewivesheaven realhousewivesheaven Said:


I do religiously for 9 seasons.. Alexis and Gretchen both, from what I read online the producers thought their story lines have gotten stale and dull. I agreed. they both bring nothing to the table for the show anymore..overstayed their welcome a bit too long but that’s my opinion. 

They were boring and fake. Glad they’re both gone.

Richards sisters….child stars….*eye roll*  I mean, congrats you used to work hard, but it’s because you were born into the right family with the right connections to get you on screen.  

Brandi trying to act is hilarious.  

Kyle the sales lady…..who is told by the one training her for QVC or HSN or whatever it was to put deodorant on her lip.  ROFL.  

Date night and pet names montage…..it’s actually pretty cute.  

Lisa and Ken montage with puppies, yard swings, etc…..so damn cute.  

Yolanda becoming a citizen.  I’m still shocked that she hadn’t been one already.  

Everyone gets asked about their plastic surgery and fillers…..as expected, there’s more than any other cast.  

Brandi let Yolanda decorate her whole house.  Have you no style?  Or are you just too lazy to pick things out yourself?

Lisa became an ordained minister to perform weddings at her restaurants/bars.  Am I the only one who wants her to officiate my wedding?

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I felt bad for Kenya tbh

Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong.  I have lost pets (i had 2 cats since I was 3….I used to say I had those cats longer than a little brother….it was devastating to lose them).  I know exactly how terrible it is to lose a pet, especially when you have no kids or anyone else…..I just felt like her tears seemed fake.  Perhaps it’s too much botox….but her face didn’t seem like it matched the emotion I expected….