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I wasn’t excited for NJ but now I am

Omg because of what I wrote?   It’s pretty great.  I’ll do this week’s in a day or two so you can see their taglines.  I posted (or maybe queued) a gif of Dina’s.  I’m obsessed.  


So uhm….I got Bethenny and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve always said it’s hard for me to pick a single favorite housewife but I admire her drive, how she came from partying like Lindsay Lohan in her teens to running the empire that she has now.  I respect the hell out of her and am quite pleased with these results.  Now if only I lived in a city like NYC and had a world of opportunity at my fingertips.

Heather meets with Vicki and tells her side of the Heather v. Shannon argument at the Dubrow’s (temporary) home. 

I feel like Vicki is taking Shannon’s side here….??  Shannon is so crazy.  I really can’t see her side of anything.  She seems to flip the fuck out over every little thing.  

Shannon and David continue to work on their relationship while their child gets ready to go to Italy for school.  Adopt me?  I want an all-expenses paid trip to Italy for an entire semester.  

Lizzie and her husband are redoing Lizzie’s family’s beach house.  She comes from the kind of family with so much money, they live in Orange County….and they have a beach house.  

Tamra comes to Vicki’s office.  Tells assistant to let Vicki know her best friend is there.  Vicki asks “Which one.”  Dying.  

Vicki and Tamra think peeing takes too much time.  They’d rather be productive than use the restroom.  And I thought it was crazy at first, but I kind of agree.  

Lizzie is hosting a dinner party at her family’s beach house.  With fire dancers. 

Shannon asks Tamra about this “takedown” comment.  

Tamra denies and then tells the Dubrows.  The whole table goes silent and now everyone knows that Tamra was telling Heather and Terry how crazy Shannon is.  

The husbands get into the conversation and Terry makes it clear that they were not trying to “take the Beadors down.”

David tells Terry “You can’t take me down”….??  He made it clear he didn’t want to.  Wtf kid of bullshit passive aggressive threat was that?

Tamra is still denying everything to Heather

Tamra and Heather tell their side to David-trying to show him his wife didn’t see/hear what she thought.

Shannon goes ape shit.

Then storms out.

(Sorry this question is getting repetitive, but It’s the main storyline this season) 

TEAM Heather or TEAM Shannon???

comego replied to your post “Did Lizzie not go to the reunion??????”

She did. If you look at her and Vicki’s instagrams you’ll see pics. Not sure why she wasn’t in the group shot tho

Thanks for the info!  Hope this answers the Anon’s question.  

Get ready, guys!  Another season of Jersey begins with the return of Dina Manzo.  Also, there is going to be a ton of recaps in the next day or 2 while I catch up.  Sorry I’m so far behind.  

NOTE:  There were no taglines in the first episode.  Don’t worry, they’re in the second one and they’re HILARIOUS! 

Teresa (the original cast member, I will spell the new one Teressa to reduce confusion when reading since that’s how it’s pronounced anyway) is talking to Gia about the current situation.  Gia is old enough.  She knows what’s going on.  The other kids are too young, though.  

Dina is back and has a 2 legged chihuahua.  She also has another hairless cat, this one is more pink though.  Not grey like Grandma Wrinkles.  And its name is Botox.  Dina is trying really hard to make me like her this season but I still remember her fake, lying ass from season one and it won’t be easy to change my mind.  

Melissa and Teresa are still doing well and bring the girls to spend time together at cheer/gymnastics.  Teresa’s daughters can twerk and Melissa pretends to be shocked/disgusted.  

Amber and her kids are freaking out because her husband brought a whole pig home.  I’d be so happy.  I’d be like “ok let’s get the pit ready.  we’re doing a pig party.  Call everyone!  I don’t want leftovers!”

Amber is a control freak that has to have everything perfect.  I’m not sure yet if I love her or hate her.  

Amber tells us what we’ve heard for years about Melissa’s past.  No one is shocked anymore and honestly it’s come from so many sources that everyone probably believes it by now.  

Teresa is doing desserts with the girls.  And launching a dessert line…which Kathy is obviously happy to hear.  (Just a hint of sarcasm there) 

We finally meet the twins.  They’re interesting.  Nicole is divorced and lives with their parents while Teressa is still married and his husband says “she’s the wife, her twin’s not a write-off.”  

Melissa and Amber used to be friends.  Melissa claims they lost touch when Melissa got married because Amber was still partying, since she was single.  

When they talk at the party, Amber calls Melissa out for not talking to her.  Melissa tries to blame Amber and acts like she doesn’t know Amber had cancer.  Amber calls her out again and says she got an email or facebook message or something from Melissa about it at the time and can’t find it.  Melissa plays dumb rather than just admitting she was a bad friend.  

Maybe I do like Amber….she’s having none of Melissa’s shit and I’m not much of a Melissa fan. (Not really team Teresa either, can’t stand either of them tbh)

Giudice family portrait.  There’s over 50 people in this shot.  Insane.  

Joe gives an emotional speech about  everyone sticking together and being there for milestones like grandma’s birthday, but it’s really about him going to prison soon, and we all know it.  

Joe and Gia have a personal moment and it’s really touching.  Gia is so grown, it freaks me out.  

Who else remembers early seasons of New Jersey when Gia was a little girl and was the oldest of three??

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Did Lizzie not go to the reunion??????
realhousewivesheaven realhousewivesheaven Said:

Not sure.  Saw that pic and reblogged but We’ll all find out when it airs, I suppose.


No one is missing in the season 9 reunion photo.. who is Lizzie? I don’t remember her….

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Heather and Kristen are fine.  Fake as ever.  *eye roll*

Mario likes to sing and apparently still enjoys talking shit about LuMann.  Who is this guy with the song?  I’m so lost…

Sonja told Aviva what everyone said about her.  No one believes the asthma is fake.  

Aviva pulls out the Advair and takes a puff to prove she’s being honest.  Thing is, everyone can get shortness of breath and an inhaler won’t hurt anyone.  Advair, however has a warning on it that you shouldn’t take it more than the prescribed twice per day.  I know this because I take it.  (And have for many years, not just because I want to avoid travelling with frienemies).

Carole’s assistant and this apartment…..wth is going on here?  

Ramona, Sonja and Kristen get lazer lipo.  

Josh is still being a dick to Kristen.  

Open mic night.  

Ramona accuses LuMann of not singing because there’s no autotune.  

Ramona is pretty rude here….I see more and more of her drunken messiness coming out each season.  

LuMann calls Ramona a cow and I lost it. 

Mario’s song is terrible….and awkward.

Heather is a little better….I guess….at least the crowd enjoyed it.  

What was your favorite part of open mic night?

Vicki gets crazy in Puerto Vallarta.  

Vicki and Shannon are dancing on bars while Brooks and David are drinking tequila.  

Tamra is realizing she’s too old for a baby.  Astro is always crying and reminding her that an infant is work 24/7….they’re not always cute.  

The gym needs new floors.  Eddie wanted a bouncy floor so they put some kind of padding underneath.  Now all the floors are buckling and they look  like shit.  Even Ryan says they’re affecting profits.  

You can’t charge the same for a membership as gyms with quality facilities and perfect floors when your floors are shit.  Fix the floors, get more memberships sold, make more money.  Seems like a simple solution to me.  

Eddie doesn’t want to spend the money on the floors but it was his idea to put in the padding that fucked them up so he needs to get over it for the sake of the business being successful in the long-term.  

Heather tells Terry they can get a dog….and make a donation.  She came on WWHL and explained that some of the kids have allergies and they can’t risk the health issues of getting a rescue and since they have always had rescues, they felt bad buying a purebred dog.  So….they made a donation to assuage their guilt.  Apparently they’re getting some shit about this on twitter, but I respect where they’re coming from.  When you have allergies, especially in kids, it can be miserable to have runny noses and itchy eyes all the time, so I get it.  

Shannon and David seem to be doing well after the crazy night in Puerto Vallarta.  Vicki arranged for a dinner for them after horseback riding but they wanted to nap.  LOL.  Sweet gesture though. 

Lizzie is trying to sell her swimsuit line to a store.  The line is called “Sun Kitten” and I hate it.  I hate the ruching in the bottoms that make it look like you have a perma-wedgie and it’s apparently the new craze.  Everyone loves it and I’m not into it at all.  

Tamra and Eddie send Astro back and get the results.  Tamra did all the work (I’m guessing because Eddie doesn’t want kids and was trying to show her how much work it would be to have one).  

Shannon and Brooks bond over their hate for Tamra.  

Vicki and Tamra talk about Heather vs. Shannon.  Vicki tells Tamra what Shannon said about Heather in Puerto Vallarta.  

Team Heather or Shannon?  Is this whole thing Tamra’s fault or is Heather being malicious?